CTI-Monash Centre

CTI has founded a Research Centre at Monash University, which works in collaboration with Melbourne and Newcastle Universities. This is a unique collaboration between a commercial organization and universities, funded by CTI and the universities, and the Australian Research Councill via linkage grants. The goal is to create a Centre of Excellence for Optimization within the TTL sector.


  • Supporting institutions - The Centre is a collaboration between the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, and Constraint Technologies.

  • Vision - To become the world-leading research establishment for optimization in travel, transportation and logistics, that includes all the techniques of Operations Research, Metaheuristics, Constraint Programming, and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Research - The CTI-Monash Centre for Optimization seeks to increase the accuracy, scalability, and flexibility of optimization software for solving problems in industry and government organisations. Our approach is to combine techniques from research areas that are currently separate, including constraint programming, mathematical programming and population-based techniques. Our methodology is to separate problem modeling from problem solving, and to transform the model into a form that can be efficiently solved by hybrid algorithms.

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