A Comprehensive Crew Management Solution

CrewBuddy is a leading edge solution that brings the convenience of managing crew information to the mobile and web platforms.

CrewBuddy Main Menu.


CrewBuddy empowers staff to manage their own roster and gain better control over swapping roster allocated activities.

Roster View - Drill down into a sector to see more detailed information such as start time, end time and notes. Roster View - View all sectors that make up a pairing. Roster View - View roster details at a glance.


CrewBuddy provides alerts and reminders for upcoming flights in addition to the capability to set custom reminders.


CrewBuddy allows for the personalization of a roster through the addition of custom notes to any day or duty.

View Port Information

CrewBuddy provides weather information and maps for all ports included in a roster. Crew are also able to gather additional information relating to their ports.

Browse Ports - Drill down into port details.

A Greater Sense of Fairness

CrewBuddy enables crew to swap work with others at any time via an automated swap market. All proposed swaps are simulated and checked against a central rule base in real time to ensure feasibility.

Once the swap request has been agreed to, CrewBuddy passes the swap to the airline’s crew tracking system.

Swap Activities - Swap an activity in a roster for another activity. Browse Activities To Swap - Search through all swappable activities within a roster. Swap Review - Simulates the effects of accepting a swap on a user’s roster line, allowing the user to determine whether they would want to do the swap.


CrewBuddy allows crew to quickly export their rosters to any of the following formats:

  • Google Calendar
  • iCal for iPhone and Mac
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Yahoo Calendar
  • ICS and CSV
  • PDF (for hardcopy printouts).


CrewBuddy allows members of crew to send and receive private messages. Users can manage their messages via a Notifications inbox that notifies the user of any new messages received.

Messaging - Receive and view messages. Messaging - Send messages to fellow Crew Buddies. Notifications - View airline announcements and CrewBuddy friendship requests.


CrewBuddy allows crew to establish a sense of identity through the ownership of a profile with user defined privacy settings.

Profile - Create a profile and control what is publicly viewable via privacy settings.


CrewBuddy fosters a greater sense of community between crew members by allowing them to view the current roster and locations of their fellow crew.

Crew can also elect to broadcast their location to fellow CrewBuddies, notifying them of flights or layovers they are currently on.

Crew Buddies - Search for CrewBuddies to connect with. Crew Buddies - View buddies’ roster and contact details.

Social Networking

CrewBuddy allows crew to use their preferred Social Networking platform to share their work statistics, location and roster.


CrewBuddy also allows crew to access roster statistics over set periods, allowing them to keep track of their duty time, block hours or any other metrics.

Statistics - Track roster statistics.


CrewBuddy is designed to run on all of the following platforms:

  • All iOS Devices
  • All Android Devices
  • Desktop PC and Mobile Web via Online Web Portal

Web Portal

Our online web portal allows crew to manage their account as they would on their mobile device. Additional services are also provided by the website such as the ability to access further details of fellow crew members and friends.

CrewBuddy Web Portal - Manage every aspect of crew life as you would on a mobile device via the web portal.

Ease of Use

The web portal allows users to complete processes quicker and easier than they would be when performed via the mobile app.

Larger screen real estate allows users to see more in-depth information when viewing their rosters and swaps online.

CrewBuddy Web Portal Roster - Easily view in depth roster details due to increased screen real estate.

Administrator Portal

In addition to this, an online administrators portal allows the enterprise to track their employee’s usage of the app, and easily push custom notifications.

New users can be added to the CrewBuddy network from the one portal. Roles can be created and users can be assigned different roles.


CrewBuddy is designed to be easily integrated into an enterprise’s existing I.T. infrastructure. Data can be loaded either through the processing of messages in an event queue or as a batch extract using XML. CrewBuddy stores its data using Constraint Technology’s Network Data Broker (NDB) technology. NDB is a super reliable multi-node data store that is capable of persisting data even with the loss of 49% of its nodes. All roster change requests are issued as a Change Message which are then loaded into the enterprise’s existing Crew DB using messaging, web services or secure sockets.

Access & Scale

CrewBuddy is a hosted solution. A client will make a secure connection to one of our data centers in either Australia or the U.K. The CrewBuddy client is configured to automatically switch between data centers if needed to ensure continual service. The same CrewBuddy server processes requests from both mobile clients as well as web browsers. All roster changes are evaluated for legality using separate rules servers that can operate in parallel to allow for scale.