Our Company

Constraint Technologies (CTI) is a privately owned Australian company and one of the leaders in transport optimization and situational awareness systems. CTI develops solutions for the Airline, Airport and Rail sectors. Our mission is to offer effective, scalable, state of the art optimization and situational awareness software that is constantly evolving and improving. Our software is easy-to-use, configure and maintain. CTI has made a commitment to assure customer satisfaction.

For over 20 years CTI has been building tightly integrated and mission critical systems. For over 10 years we have been building and maintaining optimization solutions that optimize cost, service, equipment and capacity and that show actual cost against plan in real-time. Our systems are well engineered and reliable.

CTI is very much a technically driven organization and we take pride in the quality, performance and reliability of our products and solutions. A large portion of our revenues are invested in applied research and development within CTI, and more fundamental research with our University partners. CTI invests heavily in research and development and we apply our technology to challenging customer problems. We achieve continuous improvement in performance and capability using the latest software engineering techniques. All our products are backed by knowledgeable and professional technical support.

As well as being expert in their chosen technical fields, many of our people have an in-depth knowledge of our customers' businesses and what it takes to build, operate and maintain complex software solutions within a rapidly changing customer environment.

Our key focuses are:

  • Business
    • Airlines
    • Airports
    • Rail
  • Technical
    • Optimization
    • Situational Awareness
    • Realtime Operational Systems
    • Software Solutions
The CTI Differences

Our products are not just about planning. They go from strategic planning right through to real-time operations and disruption management. Therefore, many CTI solutions are mission critical and we provide 24/7 support. Our products are all integrated with each other, but we also have the systems integration capability to interface our products with existing systems.

CTI is committed to long term relationships and beneficial operation of the solutions. Our products and solutions are all based on long term contracts. Our customers do not pay for the solution; they pay to use the solution. This closely aligns the interests of the customer and CTI and better balances costs and benefits.

TPAC Suite

The TPACTM suite of products has been developed for the Transportation, Travel and Logistics sector. TPACTM stands for Transport Planning And Control.

Our Mission

To be a world-leading supplier of software solutions to the Travel, Transportation and Logistics sector that provide optimization and real-time situational awareness, on both mobile and desktop platforms, that can be used to decrease operating costs and increase service quality.

Customer Benefits

Our customers invest in our solutions because they improve customer service and save money. For example, optimized rostering and pairing systems result in staff cost reductions. Optimized fleet allocation reduces fuel and operating costs. Disruption management reduces the cost and customer impact of disruptions. Mobile platforms empower employees to provide better customer focused service.

CTI customers have saved many millions of dollars through better asset and staff utilization. These returns are typically an order of magnitude higher than the investment required and provide visible, lasting, bottom line improvements.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Europe, the Far East and Africa, CTI helps customers achieve their objectives worldwide.