Project Implementation

CTI has implemented projects for a range of customers in the transport sector, with projects varying in size from man-months to many man years. The company follows the principles of Agile Development to manage the development of our software, but we can also use the classic Waterfall method if required.

Software modules are portable and generally written in C/C++ for high-performance algorithms. Client applications are cross-platform, and run on iOS, Android and MS-Windows. We also support different form factors, ranging from Wearables and Smartphones, to tablets and laptops through to large screen displays and video walls.

Communications are provided via robust real-time messaging systems with redundancy failover.

All software modules are subject to rigorous version control, configuration management, and automatic build and regression testing, using continuous integration systems.

Server products are built on Linux on Intel processors, the preferred target, but other versions of Unix such as Solaris can be supported.

CTI has extensive experience in maintaining and upgrading specialized systems for customers such as Qantas, Etihad, Sydney Trains, and Heathrow Airport.