Our Research

CTI has been at the forefront of international R&D for the past decade, and the results have been outstanding. These include the world's highest performance database technology, leading edge optimisation algorithms and problem solving techniques, a flexible and high-speed business rules system and continual innovations to drive the evolution of transport and logistics systems. The R&D program has also delivered a stable architecture, platform and language approach for CTI products that manifests itself in extremely high system speed and reliability.

Increasingly powerful mobile devices and new human-computer interaction modalities are revolutionising the way computer systems are used, and CTI is at the forefront of exploring the possibilities that these new technologies offer to enable more effective situational awareness amongst all parts of an organisation.

Collaboration is important to take advantage of the latest developments in academic research.  Optimisation is a key strategic focus of the company and a long-standing collaboration with Monash University has enabled CTI to stay at the forefront of developments in the operational research and optimisation sector.  Fatigue Risk Management is becoming more and more important in all fields, particularly transportation, and to  CTI is an Essential Participant in the CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity.