Human Computer Interaction

CTI does research into human computer interaction in order to enhance the user experience and increase efficiency. We are innovative in the way we visualise our data and use modern techniques to display our information in 3D.

We value research and development and embrace innovation. We have combined our industry expertise with the mobile culture and have created offerings for both phones and tablets.


Collaborative Awareness System (CAS)

CAS (Collaborative Awareness System) is a cutting edge interactive environment that enables users to visualise and interact with realtime situational data in new ways.

By harnessing new interactive technologies and gesture based touch devices, users are empowered to interact and collaborate on large screen TV’s or projections without the need for keyboard or mouse.

The presentation and interaction with geo-spacial data lends itself to this new paradigm, where users can simply stand in front of a large screen TV and be presented with new innovative ways of viewing and solving problems.

Users can also use the same presentation on a tablet device, enabling users to stay in touch with the realtime situation when they are out of the office in meetings.

We believe that these new exciting technologies represent the future of interaction with computers and by overlaying them on top of existing proven technologies, we are able to provide new insights and potential for increased productivity through collaboration.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple iOS
  • Android


  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Large-screen TV Displays
  • Desktop PC
  • Video Wall
  • Hybrid Laptops