Crew Briefing Centre Etihad

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Constraint Technologies International (CTI) today announced it has been awarded a contract by Etihad Airways to implement and deploy the Management System for their new Crew Briefing Centre (CBC) at Abu Dhabi International Airport. This facility will effectively be a mini “Departure and Arrivals Airport Terminal” built specifically to streamline the briefing process for airborne crew before their flight.

The CBC will include state of the art Baggage Handling Systems, check-in kiosks, security scanning equipment and E-gate facilities. CTI’s Management System will optimally allocate resources within the CBC based upon the prevailing schedule and update allocations during disruptive operations.

The project will include the roll out of around 100 digital signage screens and video walls to help direct crew through the centre. The entire system can be controlled through the use of an iPad, which is a world first.

CTI is proud of the opportunity to work with Etihad to realise their vision for this incredible innovation.